Investing in Iowa's Entrepreneurs

We are a seed-stage venture capital firm investing in high-impact Iowa companies. ISFII is our second fund, raised in 2012.

About Iowa Seed Fund II (ISFII)

We typically invest $100,000 to $250,000 for a minority ownership position in seed-stage / growth-stage opportunities.

We provide strong business growth expertise due to our relationship with EDC, Inc., a nationally recognized business acceleration organization.

We are a founding member of the Iowa Venture Capital Association and are well networked with the related investment firms in Iowa.

Target Investments

Capital: We typically invest $100,000 - $250,000 for a minority position in each company. We typically purchase Preferred Stock but also purchase Common Stock and participate in Convertible Notes depending on the opportunity.

Target Opportunity: We focus on Iowa-founded businesses that can create rapid value growth in the advanced manufacturing, bioscience, and information technology sectors. We invest in pre-revenue, early revenue, and growth stage opportunities.

Post-Close Role: For pre-revenue and early-stage investments, through our relationship with EDC, Inc., we take an active role in the guidance of the business by serving on the company's board of directors and providing hands-on help at all growth phases and in all disciplines as needed to maximize the success of the business, its founders, and its investors. For later-stage investments, we typically get involved at the board level with either a board seat or observation rights.

Our Portfolio

We have supported the following high-impact Iowa companies to date:

  • Cordiva Medical

    Pre-revenue medical device business that develops solutions to improve patient and clinician safety when using hazardous drugs – initially chemotherapeutics.

  • Involta

    Involta is a national provider of IT intelligence and end-to-end infrastructure, including fiber connectivity, managed services and colocation in enterprise-class, multi-tenant data centers.

  • Get Connected

    Global marketplace for virtual interpretation services through world-class video remote technology that allows high-quality any device to any device connectivity.

  • Breads from Anna

    Manufacturer of allergen-free baking mixes targeting people with food allergies and those wanting to pursue a more healthy diet.

  • Funnelwise

    FunnelWise produces software that provides a unified view of a business's revenue funnel, bridging the gap between marketing and sales with a powerful and easy-to-use tool that provides real-time insight into key performance metrics.

  • Terpenoid Therapeutics

    Biotechnology company focused on anti-cancer therapeutics.

  • On The Block

    Application development business focused on the auto dealer industry, providing auto dealers with a more efficient way to manage inventory and generate revenue from vehicles typically transported to less profitable auto auctions.

  • Vida Diagnostics Logo

    Vida is a bio-technology company focused on precision pulmonary imaging through big data analysis. VIDA turns big data into big knowledge for pulmonary clinicians. Precise information supports better treatment decisions, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients.

  • Pear Deck Logo

    Pear Deck is an Ed-tech company that provides an interactive presentation tool used to actively engage students in individual and social learning. Pear Deck is very similar to a slide show, like PowerPoint or Google Slides. But instead of just static, informational slides, a teacher can make interactive slides that let every student participate in questions or prompts, right from their own devices.

Our Team

Managed by experienced investors, operators and entrepreneurs.

Curt Nelson
Managing Principal

Paul Rhines

Jim Haddad

Bruce Lehrman

Dick Schwab

Terry Sullivan

Contact Us

Phone: 319-369-4955


Location: 230 2nd Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401